Vanishing Glaciers


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Vanishing Glaciers

Capture them before they are gone! Glaciers in the Cascades and worldwide are melting rapidly. Alan has been documenting many of our local glaciers using photographs he shot in the early 1980′s, and up to the present. This year we will visit two of Mt. Bakers most accessible and famous glaciers: the Easton and the Coleman Glacier. Returning to the same shooting locations Alan has used, we’ll take new photos of the ice rivers. There will be many opportunities for mountain photography, and a chance to learn about glaciers and their relevant terms: enter into a world of crevasses, cryoconites, seracs, accumulation, ablation, firn, flow and basal sliding. A round-trip hike of 8 miles and gaining 2000 feet is needed to reach the Easton Glacier, and a 5 mile round trip hike to reach the Coleman. You can sign up for one or both days.

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Sept. 10 & 11 and Oct. 1 & 2, 2016. Cost One Day $175. Cost Both Days $350. Call 360.738.4966 Or email