Silver Star And Mt.St Helens


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Silver Star And Mt. St. Helens

Much has been said about the beautiful alpine flower meadows of the Pacific Northwest, especially in several of our National Parks. Southeast of Mount Saint Helens, and rising to just over 4,000 feet is seldom visited Silver Star Mountain. The flower displays here are as spectacular as I have photographed anywhere in the west; species include Paintbrush, Lupine, Bistort, Sunflower, Sitka Valeria, and Pedicularis. The meadows are accessed by a gently rising easy trail, that is not too long. Northward the young and active volcano of Mount Saint Helens provides dramatic scenery of a different nature; devastation from the 1980 eruption is clearly evident, as is the new plant life that has taken root since. On Saint Helen’s southeast side is the delicate and beautiful waterfall at June Lake, reached in 1.4 miles on an easy path. The dates for this workshop will be either July 19 and 20, or July 26 and 27. We want the best possible weather and potential flower displays for this one, so be flexible.

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July 21 & 22, 2016. Cost $350. Call 360.738.4966 Or email