Gorge In Autumn


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Gorge In Autumn

The Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge is home to 90 waterfalls; many easy accessible by short trails. Although the river had a hand in carving the Miocene basalt cliffs, the primary cutting tool was the Missoula Floods from the last ice age. A gigantic lake in Montana was held in check by an ice dam over 2,000 feet high. When the tremendous pressure of the lake’s water undermined and lubricated the ice, the dam finally burst, and scoured most of Eastern Washington and the gorge. Beautiful any time of year, the walls, streams, and canyons of the gorge are totally transformed in the fall. Big Leaf Maples, Vine Maples, Red Alder, and yes even Poison Oak (benign in autumn) add splashes of brilliant color to the mossy green slopes. As with our successful June workshop this year, we’ll visit Multonomah, Latourel, Wahkeena, horsetail, Ponytail, Elowah, and Wahclella Falls. If time allows we can explore the tributary streams along Eagle Creek, and the famous Punchbowl.

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