Central Oregon Cascades


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Central Oregon Cascades

Snow-capped peaks, verdant mossy gorges, and delicate waterfalls are featured in this two day workshop. The Breitenbusah Gorge, Mckenzie River, and the incomparable and little-known Proxy Falls, are all accessed by short hikes. With a little luck Rhododendrons or Fairy Slipper Orchids may be blooming, in the pine and fir forests of the Cascade foothills. At Santiam Pass there are excellent vantage points to shoot the Cascade Range north and south: Three Finger Jack and Mount Washington are two of the prominent peaks visible. As moisture rolls up the western slopes of the mountains, fog, mist, and light in the forest create conditions for spectacular images. Jagged lava flows and vistas that include the Three Sisters, are also part of this tour.

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June 4 & 5, 2016. Cost $350. Call 360.738-4966 Or email alanjayk@comcast.net