Linoleum Blocks

The Block Printing Process

The clear air and low-angle light of the desert, and high alpine regions create dramatic compositions, from which these works are derived. The designs come from my photographs or free-hand drawings.

From a high contrast line art print I will trace over the image with tracing paper using a soft lead pencil. The tracing is then rubbed onto the linoleum block where the design is refined, and then cut out painstakingly with wood carving tools. For many of the small designs, I draw freely directly onto the linoleum.

Once the block is carved, oil-based ink is spread onto a piece of glass, rolled out with a brayer, and then applied to the block. The block is then pressed onto the fabric (often standing on the block creates a better print).

Our cool, damp, winter Northwest air is good for printing; the heat of summer dries the ink out too quickly. Often to print multiple colors, I will work on four or more pieces at once in a single color. I allow a week for them to dry, then work on those same pieces again with a second color, and so on.

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