Bristlecone Pines

Owen's Valley And Bristlecones

The block-faulted Owen's Valley is hemmed in by the Sierra Nevada on the west, and the White Mountains to the east; both ranges rising to over 14,000 feet. We'll base out of Bishop, CA for this four day photographic adventure. Ancient rock art and several wildlife refuges are found in the valley bottom. On either side of the trench, dawn and evening light paints warm tones on the granite and limestone peaks above. Northward the amazing and surreal tufa formations of Mono Lake are a photographer's dream. The lake is also host to a variety of bird species. Southeast in the White Mountains, and above 10,000 feet, live the ancient Bristlecone Pines. A good road provides easy access to these colorful and gnarled trees, some in excess of 4,000 years old. Over time they have survived the severe elements and even fire, to provide our cameras with a plethora of shapes and textures.

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Sept. 8 - 10, 2017.  Cost $525. Call 360.738-4966 Or email

About The Workshops

photographersunset_sAlan Kearney is a professional photographer who strives for hands-on experience with people on location. He knows the environment intimately having photographed the locations in every season and range of weather. The participants will learn how to utilize their cameras to obtain outstanding photographs from ideal vantage points, during the best time of year. And we will have fun.

Workshop fees do not include lodging, meals, or travel. After we receive your registration and payment, we’ll send you an information packet about your workshop, what to bring, course itinerary, hotel, and rendezvous information.

If you find it necessary to cancel 60 days or more prior to the workshop, we will issue a refund. Within 60 days, we cannot issue a refund, but will make every effort to find you space in a future workshop.

We recommend you purchase travel insurance, in case you do need to cancel, and cannot find space in another workshop. We will carpool during the workshops, and a typical day has a morning and afternoon shooting session, with a mid-day break. We’ll do more photographing in the evening, and during times when the light is not the best, review and comment on your digital images. The workshop ends at 5 p.m. on the last day scheduled.

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