• q1
    Kyle Breakey and cornices, Stetattle Ridge, Pickets Ski Traverse,WA 2013
  • q2
    Dawn start at Stetattle Ridge,Pickets Ski Traverse, WA 2013
  • q3
    Kyle Breakey skis into Mcmillan cirque, Pickets Ski Traverse, WA
  • q4
    Kyle carving below Mcmillan, Inspiration and Mt.Terror, Pickets Ski Traverse,WA 2013
  • q5
    Kyle at half-cave bivy, Perfect Pass, Pickets Ski Traverse,WA 2013
  • q6
    Mesquite dunes at dawn, Death Valley,CA
  • q7
    Golden Light over Alps and Himalaya, 36" x 36"
  • q8
    Climbers approach the Cascades before oncoming storm, 35" x 35"
  • q9
    Matterhorn and Karakoram at dawn, 15" x 27"
  • q10
    Although winter is nearly over, the best is yet to come. Aaron Miller riding.